January 20, 2023 1 min read 0 Comments

Participation in the Sharpeners Jam Idea Contest

Participate by voting, presenting in person and sending in files

How to Vote: All the ideas will be presented in video form on Youtube, Facebook and via the Bonika.com website. Idea videos will be on-line and voting will begin July 11 and end midnight July 31. Winners will be announced August 1.

How to Enter:

Present in person at the Sharpeners Jam July 9, 2023

Send a MP4 file to bonikashears@live.com. Use Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive for larger files. You can also mail us a USB flash drive.

Send photos and descriptions to bonikashears@live.com We will create a MP4 file you. You can accompany that with a voice recording describing your idea.


Ideas can be for sharpening, marketing, or organization. Ideas presentations must be less than 5 minutes. No multi-level marketing ideas.

Winners will be announced via the internet and will receive a prize (to be announced) and a certificate.

Hints to win: Winning ideas usually will be presented in person or clear high res video presentation. They are easy to understand and unique. Both newbies and veteran sharpeners have been first place winners in the past. Good-luck.

Deadline to submit ideas by the internet. July 1, 2023.