Sharpeners Jam 2022 Educators - Updated January 26, 2022

January 26, 2022 1 min read 0 Comments

  • Dennis Brooks - Dennis has been sharpening for over 20 years and currently owns Sharp Edges Sharpening Service – Hamaguri USA with his wife Tonya. Dennis and his father are responsible for bringing a wide variety of equipment, tools, and techniques to the sharpening industry. He was instrumental developing the certification program for the National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild.
  • Bonnie Megowan -  Bonnie is the co-owner of Bonika Shears along with her daughter. She has hosted the annual Sharpeners Jam for the past 23 years. She is a certified master sharpener with the NBTSG and trained in the Arius Eickert Scissor Factory and in the Jaguar Scissor Factory in Germany. She is a master certified sharpener with the NBTSG and educates weekly on her Youtube channel and at the Atlanta location.
  • Gene Megowan -  Gene earned his masters in marketing at the University of Phoenix and serves as the sales manager of Bonika Shears.
  • Jim ODonnell-  Jim is the editor of “On the Edge” Newsletter and has had many years experience sharpening and teaching sharpening first with Wolff Industries and now on his own.
  • Jeff Andrews - Jeff operates Northern Tails Sharpening which is arguably one busiest mail order sharpening business for groomers in the USA. He is a certified master groomer and has a website with many articles and videos that are helpful to groomers and sharpeners alike.
  • Jason Sturm and Brandon Smart -This father and son-in-law are part of a three generation business called The Edge Pro. They have been sharpening and repairing tools since 1990 and are the warranty service center for most clipper brands.