Dropship with Bonika

August 17, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

I just talked to a person who paid $6,000.00 to set up a website and learn to dropship. It's pretty easy to drop ship our shears with Bonika. These are the steps:

  1. Build a website. Not all that hard with the many easy to use inexpensive sites out there. I personally played with GoDaddy and Aabaco for sites I set up for others. 
  2. Set up an account with us at Bonika and put in the contact section that you have such and such website and want to buy wholesale and dropship.
  3. We will contact you and set your account for dropshipping. You can dropship direct from our website by changing the shipping address. I would put in the comment section that this is a dropship and we will be sure there is no literature with your prices in the box. You can also email us the order and we can send a PayPal request for payment or get your credit card number. We will charge you wholesale plus the actual shipping cost.
  4. Put our items (everything but sharpening supplies) on your website. This can be done by clicking on the photo, right click with your mouse, select save as and save on your computer and upload to your website. If you are a little more savvy on websites we can send you an Excel file of all the items that you can upload in one batch.
  5. One more bit of instruction. Our MAP policy dictates that you not advertise below the price we advise the item. You can however give away a free item with a purchase for value added. In addition, if you slightly change the description it can help in the search engines, believe it or not.


Is there a "buy-in" to get started?

Yes, just buy one shear! Easy!

How quick do you ship?

Shipping is within one business day.

What methods do you use for shipping? Do you ship international?

We ship every method available on the website. Yes we ship international. Be aware most fraud is from overseas and we are not responsible if you are not paid.

Can I sell on Ebay and Amazon?

At this time the answer is yes. This could change. Please follow our MAP policy. We do not sell on these platforms ourselves so we would not be competing with you.

What about returns?

Customers must contact us for a RA # before they return something to us. We will know if it is one of your customers at that time and will contact you. Refunds to your customers come from you, refunds to you come from us. We do not refund your customers buy on occasion may make exchanges for equal price items but will inform you of this.