Private Scissors Sharpening Training School

Learn how to sharpen shears from award winning shear expert and teacher Bonnie Megowan. You will be amazed at how easy it is to learn this lucrative and rewarding skill.


Scissor sharpening training is available on any flat hone type sharpening equipment, although the Scimech Scissor FlatHone is our specialty. The scissor sharpening training school instruction will be customized to your learning style, skill level, experience and concerns. Because of the simplicity of the Scimech clamp, the instruction level of our video and our systematic teaching system, you will learn in just eight hours. That short learning time can be verified by talking to the many sharpeners we've trained in our scissor sharpening class. If you feel you need more training, you may stay for as long as you like and practice on our shears, work with us in the field as we sharpen, come back later and practice or work in the field all at no additional charge. We also highly recommend our various tune-up clinics held throughout the year even if you are sharpening successfully. Look for additional advanced sharpening classes and seminars. 

What You Will Learn in Scissor Sharpening School

  1. The basics of shear sharpening on a flathone
  2. Learn how to recognize a bevel and convex edge
  3. Understanding the rideline, its significance and how to address it
  4. Discussion of alignment and pivot screw adjustment
  5. Angle selection and customizing the edge for your client
  6. Convex Shear Sharpening demonstration and practice
  7. Beveled edge shear sharpening demonstration and practice
  8. Coated shears
  9. Lefties 
  10. Thinning shears and texturizers
  11. Repair and correction of other sharpening
  12. Trouble shooting
  13. Hands-on practice
  14. Marketing and setting up your route 

You Will Receive Free with Your Scissor Sharpening Training School

  1. Training manual and articles. 
  2. Additional articles and information 
  3. Factory certification diploma
  4. Free listing for twelve months on the Bonika Shears website (with purchase of Bonika Shears sample package )
  5. Special pricing on a Bonika Shears sample package
  6. The Scimech Essentials of additional supplies include: 
    1. Sumo Shear oil (2)
    2. White polishing compound
    3. Ceramic Hone Stone
    4. Edge Marker
    5. Microfiber cloth
    6. Diamond spray 1 micron
    7. Nagura stone
    8. Japanese waterstone
    9. Buffer for deburring
    10. UFO tool (3)
    11. Tweezer
    12. Magnetic metal cup
    13. Stone for flattening the waterstone
    14. Practice scissors - 2. Convex and Bevel
    15. Repair Kit, contains 6 finger rest, 6 bumpers, 12 washers and 6 screw-in bumpers in a case
    16. Cheat Sheet with steps to sharpen
      (with purchase of a Scimech Machine ) $300.00 value.
  7. Affiliation as a Bonika Warranty center for repair of Bonika Shears and other lines of shears we private label. (If you purchase or own a Scimech Machine )

Scissor Sharpening School Location Typically the sharpening training is held at the Bonika Shears office in Loganville
, GA (just outside Atlanta.)

Shear sharpening training classes can be done at your location with special arrangement. On-site scissor sharpening training classes would have an extra $150.00 per travel day cost plus all travel expenses for the trainer. Additional person during the scissor sharpening training observing is at no charge. If they want hands-on scissor sharpening training, additional cost is $300.00. 

When you order this scissor sharpening class you can download your training manual and pre-instruction videos.   Please watch the videos before you come.
 We will contact you to schedule your class. 

FREE peek preview. Stop by for 15 minutes of free instruction to see how quickly and easy shear sharpening can be.