Bonika Shears


Clipper Blade Sharpening Training School

Learn how to sharpen clipper blades for stylists, barbers and groomers.   This school covers the basics of sharpening blades. 

   8:30 AM - 4:30 PM  personal one on one instruction at the Bonika Shears Office, plus unlimited days of practice as desired. Come back at a later date if needed for a refresher or practice at no charge. Most people are proficient in one day of training. Lunch is included. Save $100.00 if you also purchase the Shear Sharpening class. 

Private training unless you bring a partner.

Location - 216 Old Loganville Rd, Loganville, GA 30052 (just north east of Atlanta)

Taught by Bonnie Megowan of Bonika Shears.

When you register here, you can download the 31 page Blade Sharpening Training Manual. Then we will email you a link for clipper repair and clipper blade sharpening videos. These items alone are a $230.00 Value ! After the class, you will also receive an official certificate of training. 

This class will cover:

  • What makes a clipper blade cut
  • Anatomy of blades
  • Comparing pet and barber blades
  • How to charge the plate
  • How to use a clipper hone
  • Pre-sharpening steps
  • Adjusting the tension and aligning the blades
  • Correct sharpening pressure
  • Using a rub plate and test string
  • How to reassemble blades with the correct set back
  • Types of blades and how to sharpen: Detachable, trimmers, 5n1, ceramic, adjustable, and large animal, 
  • How to care for your clipper hone
  • Sources for parts and help
  • Minor repair

We will be using the Nebraska Blades machine. Information learned is complimentary to any blade hone. If you wish to purchase a clipper blade none we recommend the Nebraska Blade hone. You can pick it up at our location or have it shipped directly to you. Please bring in clipper blades you might have, however we have hundreds of blades here for practice. 

Additional students just $100 each

How many barber and groomer shops are in your area? Did you know that sharpeners can earn a serious income? Work full or part-time. Blade sharpening will  pay you immediately $6 to $10 per blade with cash and credit card. Groomers and barbers have blades sharpened every 90 days on average and each may have a dozen or more blades each.  This is a one person business opportunity with little or no overhead and very low start-up cost.