Bonika Shears Key Personnel

Bonnie Megowan


Bonnie MegowanBonnie Megowan is the founder and co-owner of Scissor Mechanic LLC, d/b/a Bonika Shears. Bonnie is nationally renowned for her ability to make a complex concept simple in her teaching for both scissor sharpeners and hair stylists. She the author of two books, "SHARPENING HAIR SCISSORS - HOW TO START A REWARDING HOME-BASED BUSINESS" and  "DIY Care and Repair of Stylist Shears," is the inventor of the Coil Comb and a contributor to the Certified Learning in Cosmetology Hair Cutting Textbook. She is also the host of numerous educational videos and is a sought after guest speaker at cosmetology schools, sharpening conventions and hair shows throughout the United States. She has been recognized as one of the industry's top educators.


Bonnie Industry leader


Bonnie began her career experience as a high school science teacher. Her later experiences in advertising and as general manager of a wholesale cutlery warehouse helped her begin a small scissors sharpening service for hair salons in 1989. The business grew and changed as a result of the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996 where Bonnie, as the scissors sharpener began to see differences in performances of the various types of scissors on a diverse ethnic clientele. From this knowledge, she designed the Bonika International Shear, the first shear made for multi-cultural hair. The Bonika Shears line includes more than four dozen models of shears ranging in price from $89.00 to $1200.00.

1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

 Bonika Shears markets and produces the Scimech HD Scissor Flat Hone.There are several hundred sharpeners using the Scimech equipment and sellingFirst place national beauty tool sharpeners guild nbtsg certification the Bonika line of shears throughout nearly every state of the US and in several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. In 2012 Bonnie achieved the highest score that year for the Guild Master certification with the National Beauty Tools Sharpeners Guild. This made her the first woman to ever achieve this distinction.


Gene Megowan 

Gene Megowan

Gene Megowan is the national sales manager for Bonika Shears. Gene had many years in sales with a fortune 500 company as a territory rep. As Bonika Shears grew into a family business, Gene took on the marketing. His Masters Degree dissertation with Phoenix University was in the market feasibility of the first Bonika Shear. He has developed a non-pressure sales method for presenting Bonika Shears to the stylists that has increased sales, but even more so has resulted in high repeat and referral sales. Gene teaches marketing techniques to sharpeners and shear distributor and has innovated techniques that have been copied by others in the industry. If you have questions about sales, developing a route or marketing Gene can be contacted at Bonika Shears office.  

Video from Gene on how to sell shears:

Mystie Hunter 

Mystie HunterMystie Hunter is part owner of Bonika Shears and the real power house behind Bonika. She oversees all daily operations including financial, scheduling and order shipping. If you need to speak to someone at Bonika who actually knows what’s going on, it’s Mystie. She also gives great sharpening advice although she has never sharpened. Mystie is the daughter of Gene and Bonnie Megowan. 

Jay Hunter is the owner of Living on the Edges and the husband of Mystie Hunter. He does most of the local metro-Atlanta sharpening and he is available for sharpening tips and to experience a "ride with a sharpener" scenario. He has been a shear sharpening since 2004 and is the number one salesman most years for Bonika Shears. 

Mystie Hunter and Jay Hunter at a Bonika Shears hair show


Other personnel and helpers are typically family and friends. Very often the grandchildren are involved in the business as needed.