ISSA Membership with Certification

Type of Membership

Join the ISSA, International Scissor Sharpeners Association begun in 2007 by a sharpener in Cyprus. Members adhere to a code of ethical behavior. See the ISSA blogfor details. 

Your membership entitles you to receive an official wallet ID and a deluxe certificate. Give us time to create these personalized items.  These added credentials will assist you in reassuring prospective clients that you are part of the a association of sharpeners from throughout the world that genuinely cares about their business and will strive to give them the best quality service. 

To be a CERTIFIED ISSA Sharpener, please select the "Certified Option".  

You will also be sent a written test and two shears, one to be beveled and the other convex. You must know the difference. The convex edge shear my or may not be previously beveled by incorrect sharpening. You must re-convex this shear. The shears will NOT need parts nor will realigning be necessary to pass the test. The blades may be dirty or nicked much as what you will see in salon sharpening. They will be graded on the following...

1) Cut through wet tissue

2) Cut through dry hair without pushing

3) Sharpened at the angle of your normal selection for the shear quality and a salon that cuts both dry and wet hair for a mixed clientele.

4) Quiet when opening and closing.

5) Cosmetically pleasing

Judging will be made by the Bonika Shears company. Explanations will be given on the judging and can be directed to Bonika Shears.  

Shears will not be returned to you unless you contact us and arrange for shipping.

Membership includes certificate and membership card. Please complete the application. Send to


ISSA Code of Ethics

As members of the ISSA, we will act on behalf of the entire association as an emissary and attain to the highest level of integrity.
Members will strive to act as a stable influence, being certain, but not dogmatic nor dictatorial toward clients and other sharpeners. 
Pointing always to stable solutions in a professional manner, guided by the principals set forth in the E.T.H.I.C.S. acronym.

ISSA Code of Ethics