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"Sharpening Hair Scissors - How to Start a Rewarding Home-Based Business" book

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Sharpening hair scissors is fun and profitable. Are you exploring the idea of starting but it seems overwhelming?
This book is for you!  130 pages

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Author Bonnie Megowan, knows the ends and outs from her own experience and observing others. She writes from experience as a master shear sharpener. As CEO of Bonika Shears, she has over 30 years’ involvement assisting people like you, start their own home-based shear sharpening business. She sharpens, trains, writes and can be heard lecturing at stylists and sharpening conventions.


Publication Reviews:

On The Edge Newsletter
So often in this business we need to chew up the meat and spit out the bones when it comes to the advice we receive. Bonnie has served up a perfect meal with this book that takes all that away. As a successful sharpener with many years of experience, she provides the highest grade meat by explaining how to start your business the right way with the right equipment and what skills you’ll need. She then adds the most delicious sides on how to set your focus, where to find business, how to manage that business once you find it, and how to account for it. Finally, for dessert, she gives us a sweet helping of how to add sales and other services to our business and how to grow those as well. Excellent job Bonnie! Thank you for providing our industry with this resource! -- Jim O’Donnell -Sharpener, Trainer, Publisher

Sharpeners Report
Megowan’s how-to book on running a home-based shear sharpening business is thorough and insightful. She covers the pitfalls and the success stories with practical tips and cautionary tales that entrepreneurs entering the industry should consider. – Judy Brenner, Owner, trade publication.

130 pages.