Scimech Sharpening Essentials

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These are the items that normally come free with the Scimech HD Hands On Training. If you are not getting the training from Bonika Shears or if you are getting a discount group training or having training from someone else, these are the essential sharpening items we feel you will need to get you started in the business. The total cost if you purchased them individually would be over $300.00. You will save buying them as a set. 


  1. Sumo Shear oil (2)
  2. White polishing compound
  3. Ceramic Hone Stone
  4. Water bottle
  5. Polishing cloth
  6. Diamond spray 1 micron
  7. Nagura stone
  8. Kitayama Combo waterstone 1000 / 4000 grit
  9. Mat for the water stone
  10. Buffer for deburring
  11. UFO tool
  12. 6 X 2 coarse diamond stone from DMT for flattening the waterstone
  13. Practice scissors - 2. Convex and Bevel
  14. Repair Kit, contains 6 finger rest, 6 bumpers, 12 washers and 6 screw-in bumpers in a case
  15. 2 Additional Videos
  16. Cheat Sheet with steps to sharpen

Does not include the Training Manual unless you are coming for training.


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