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Listing on Find-A-Sharpener Look-up


Be included in the Bonika Shears website Find-A-Sharpener look-up. We have had many sharpeners tell us they get great results from the Find-A-Sharpener listing. Stylists find sharpeners within a 75 mile radius of their location.  Visitors to the Bonika website for can look-up local sharpeners by city and state or zipcode from anywhere worldwide.

The two requirements to be considered to be included in the Find-a-Shear look-up:

  2. You must be proven to have the know-how to sharpen correctly. This can be accomplished in one of the following ways:
    1. Be trained by Bonika Shears trainer
    2. Have your trainer contact us as to your ability
    3. Be certified by recognized organization for sharpening skills such as the NBTSG, ISSA or IBSA . 
    4. Provide proof of your sharpening abilities. Contact Bonika on how this is done.

Inclusion is free for those who have bought a Scimech Flathone and was trained by Bonika Shears within the last 12 months or for those who have purchased $1000.00 in Bonika Shears in the last 12 months. Go to this link to fill out the form 

  • We will put your listing on the website within one week of your order or sooner and email you a confirmation so you may check your listing. 
  • Please note any changes from the name, city, state etc from your invoice. 
  • You may order multiple listings for several zipcodes, please provide city. state and zip for additional listings. 
  • We reserve the right to reject any listing. 
  • Please check your listing. Any changes must be made within 2 weeks. 
  • No refunds will be made on listings unless your inclusion is rejected. 
  • Go to to see an example how your listing will look 
  • Listing is for a calendar year.
 You will get credit for your training, equipment, certifications, affiliations and agreement to share links. Please contact us if you have questions.