Bonika MAP Policy

August 17, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

Bonika Shears now has a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy for their shears to protect all of us from “Price Wars.” The (MAP) pricing is 20% off MSRP NOT THE ADVERTISED SALE PRICE and applies only to U.S. dealers and distributors. This in essence means, advertise the shears at the same “sale” price we have listed on our website or brochures. As you know, we give hefty distributor discounts so that you can make great profits on Bonika Shears. Those who can’t abide by the rules will not get the distributor discounts. We are counting on all our distributors to police each other. 

What are the exceptions? 

  1. In-store advertising.
  2. Private dealing. It is between you and your customer the actual price you sell the shears. However, you may not advertise it in writing or electronically lower than the MAP price.
  3. You may advertise the shears at higher than the MAP price with no problem.
  4. You can do as we do… advertise that you “will meet or beat any competitors’ price”, that consumers should “call for a price” or phrases of similar import as long as the price advertised for the products is not less than MAP.
  5. When Bonika runs specials, you may run specials on that shear for the time period of the special. You can run any specials that you see on our Bonika Shears website.
  6. You may advertise value added by selling shears as a set, adding razors or other items, free shipping or sharpening as long as the individual shears are advertised at the MAP.
  7. We at Bonika Shears have the right to modify or suspend this MAP policy without written notice to the dealers and distributors.