Bonika Shears Steel

August 17, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

Did you know that the steel in your Bonika Shears is in most cases much better than your doctor's surgical steel? Surgical steel is often called "Cutlery Steel" and is more like the forks and knives at your dinner table.

Bonika Shears are made with 440C steel or better. Some of our shears that are priced a little higher have better steel so that they can hold a very thin, sharp edge for longer. Sometimes these shears will need to be sharpened about as often as the 440C steel, not because the steel is the same, but because we have been able to put a sharper thinner edge on these shears. If you are wanting a edge to last longer, please tell your sharpener because he or she can put a more utilitarian edge on any of your shears. This would be a great edge if you only straight cut and never slide cut. 

Several of our shears have Japanese VG10 Steel. Although I have a science background, I am not a metallurgist. However, like me, you can study the composition on the internet. Here is what I've learned...

VG10 is often called “Japanese Super Steel.” The G stands for “gold” There is no actual gold in the metal, but the gold refers to the top quality of the steel. Note to sharpeners. VG10 steel is harder than normal steels and may take longer to create a bur, so keep the edge sharp. The steel is made from one small forge in Japan

VG-10 is a brand of Japanese steel with 0.95%-1.05% carbon, 14.5%-15.5% chromium, 1.30%-1.50% cobalt, 0.50% manganese, 0.90%-1.20% molybdenum, 0.30% phosphorus, 0.60% silicon, and 0.10%-0.30% vanadium.

  • Cobalt and Molybdenum creates hardness,
  • Vanadium creates a finer grain the edge can be made sharper and thinner with less wear resistance.
  • Carbon is in all steels and increases strength and toughness.
  • Manganese improves the steel in grain structure and hardenability
  • Chromium creates corrosion resistance, it also increases wear resistance.

See a chart about the steels

 Then there is also VG10 Japanese Damascus Steel called Tajyusou, but that is a different article!