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Curved shears often have a problem with not cutting at the tip. Often it is the last couple of inches that will not cut properly. Curved shears are used primarily by groomers, but barbers and stylist commonly will have curved shears as well. Some curved shears are beveled and others are convex edge. Many have a slight curve and some have an extreme curve, or “C” Shape curve.

Curved shears need special sharpening and set correction that is not necessary in other shears. 

Curved shears on this website: Bonika Auddy , Big Red Curve,  Cat & Robin Xtreme Curve

There are two reasons curved shears will not cut at the tip. The video here demonstrates both of these problems and how to correct a curved shear that will not cut in the last section. This is a video sharpening the curved Japanese Utsumi shears for groomers.  In the video, it becomes apparent that the edge was not sharpened properly and a burr was not created on the edge.

After the edge correction was made using the Scimech Machine and the Curve Adaptor, the last section of the blade would not cut cleanly. The lower blade was then tweaked or bent using the yellow blade alignment set bar as well as the aluminum set tweaker.

Classes on sharpening including stylist shears, grooming shears both straight and curved are taught by Bonnie Megowan at their offices in Loganville, GA as well as clipper blade sharpening training