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It is important to flatten your waterstone. Whetstones and waterstones must be kept flat without dents, dips and unevenness.

The fastest way to flatten your good Japanese whetstone is with the Naniwa Flattening Stone. Both your waterstone and your flattening stone should be soaked in water before beginning for best results. 

Waterstones are necessary to create the rideline on shears when sharpening for the hair industry. If a waterstone is not kept flat the inside rideline will be radiused.#Waterstone

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Steps for Use:

  1. Mark your waterstone with pencil marks using a soft led pencil with an "x" or grid. This will allow you to quickly see if you have removed the entire top surface of your waterstone.
  2. Soak both the waterstone and the Naniwa Flattening Stone in water. About 30 minutes is best depending on the type of waterstone you have.
  3. Position the Naniwa Flattening Stone over your waterstone and using the weight of gravity move the stone backwards and forwards to remove the high points of the waterstone. You may also use a figure eight motion. Keep the stones wet. If possible do this under running water.
  4. Continue until your stone looks fresh and clean with the pencil marks removed.
  5. Rinse your stones and store carefully.