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Scimech Curve Adaptor

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Scimech Curve sharpening ring.

Sharpening curved shears, especially convex curved shears on a flathone now is easy. The Scimech Convex Curve Adaptor is easy to use on any flathone. The adapter allows you to create any grit abrasive or any type of polishing pad that can be attached via hook and loop. The video below will show you how to easily use this device on nearly any length curve shear. You will also see how to create your own abrasive attachments and how to glue the Scimech Curve Adapter onto your own metal plate. If you own a Scimech you will want to order the Scimech Curve Adapter with a metal plate. If you own another 6" flathone system please order the Scimech Curve Adapter without the metal plate so you will be sure it will fit the spindle on your particular equipment. 

The Scimech Curve Adapter is a 6 inch ring of high quality plastic created through the magic of 3D printing. A portion of the profit will go to the college fund of the 14 year-old Bonika grandchild who engineered the ced drawings and printed out the first prototypes of the Scimech Curve Adapter design. 

The Scimech Curve Adapter for sharpening curved shears is an simple piece of equipment for sharpening curved shears of almost any length whether bevel or convex. It is also useful for sharpening very long barbering and pet grooming shears on a flathone. You can use any type grit or polishing pad by easily creating your own abrasive. It comes with a 800 grit abrasive already attached. 

Note: This curve adaptor was designed by teen-ager Susannah. A portion of the sales of this item goes to Susannah's college scholarship fund. Thank you for helping support her career.  

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