Be a part of the oldest continuous event for shear and blade sharpeners. Learn ideas from other sharpeners and great education.

In person hands-on classes in Loganville, GA April 23-26, 2022. On-line presentations will be throughout that week, some live simulcast. 

Free to participate in the April 24th simulcast and Sharpeners Jam Garage Sale and Vendor Room. Free to compete and vote on the Best Sharpening Idea


2022 Sharpeners Jam Schedule 

Updated April 14, 2022 Live on-line schedule to be announced. The VIP group who pay $120.00 can watch all classes on-line and access many of last year’s presentations.

2022 Sharpeners Jam Schedule

Updated March 4, 2022 Live on-line schedule to be announced. The VIP group who pay $120.00 can watch all classes on-line and access many of last year’s presentations.

Saturday April 23

9AM – Noon It’s All About the InsideClass size limit 30. Instructor: Dennis Brooks  $120.00*

Lunch Break on your own

1:30 – 4:30 Hammer, Bend and Set Class size limit 30. Instructor: Dennis Brooks $120.00*

6:00 – Watch Lois Raposa from Spain show how to sharpen cuticle nippers. Watch together on a large screen at the Jam or on line. (Included for VIP Group and those who come in person)

Sunday April 24 FREE DAY – ALL WELCOME. Must sign up because of limited space.

8 AM – 8:30 Worship and Praise (Free to attend, all welcome)

9 AM  Vendor tables open. Shop.

10 am Presentation of the Best Idea Winners

Lunch Break on your own

1:00 PM  Dennis Brooks – Shear Sharpening Trouble Shooting Corrective SharpeningInstructors: Dennis Brooks and Bonnie Megowan – simulcast presentation

6:00 -   Watch ). Sharpening Curved and Other Groomer Shears Instructor Jeff Andrews Simulcast on-line on-line classes together. Live Q & A with Jeff Andrews. No extra charge if you have signed up for any classes. Bring your take-out dinner.  Bring your take-out dinner (restaurants in the area (Included for VIP Group and those who come in person)

Monday April 25 

9 AM – Noon How to Pass the ISSA Certification Instructor: Bonnie Megowan $120.00*

11 AM Zoom Event Jaguar Training from the team in Germany “Why to Buy Jaguar” (these classes may overlap)

Lunch Break on your own

1:30 – 4:30 Free-Hand Shear Sharpening Instructor: Jim O’Donnell $120.00*

5:30 – 7:30 Sharpening Knives on the Flathone Instructor: Jason Sturm $120.00*

Tuesday April 26

9 AM – Noon Clipper Blade Sharpening Instructor: Jason Sturm $120.00*

Lunch Break on your own

1:30 – 5:30 Clipper Repair Instructor: Jason Sturm $120.00*


Throughout the Sharpeners Jam, Gene Megowan will conduct marketing classes at the Bonika Shears training Center. Including promotion, cold calls,  route setting, shear sales and more as requested. These classes will be free and customized to the class participants.

All other class locations are at the Anna Holbrook Building.

*Cost $120.00 per class. $110.00 per class for 5 or more classes. $700.00 for all 7 classes. (does not include the Friday private class). Those VIP paying $120.00 and watching on-line only and not in person can observe all the presentation portion of the hands-on workshop. Those who attend and pay for AT LEAST one hnads-on workshop can also watch all the presentations. VIP group can in addition access many of the presentations from 2021.

Recommended Hotel Accommodations: Quality Inn


By Air, fly to ATL and either rent a car or take MARTA to the Buford stop and catch an UBER. Driving – we are on the north east section of Metro-Atlanta off Hwy 78. The office, Anna Holbrook building and Quality Inn are all within 2 miles area.



What do I get for FREE? Sunday Corrective Sharpening is and participation to the ideas contest whether in person or on-line. You can also participate in the Garage Sale and the Vendor room. You can also take the Marketing / Sales class with Gene Megowan at the Bonika Shears office. Sign up at or contact us for your link to participate.

What do I get for $120 if I don’t come to the in-person Jam?  On-line participation only is $120.00 and allows access to most of the 2021 presentations. If you come to the Jam in-person you can take one class.

Please explain the private classes. Chose from Friday April 22 or Tuesday April 27th. Location: Bonika Shears Training Center Basics of Sharpening Shears on the Flathone Class size Limit 3. Instructor: Bonnie Megowan 8:30 AM – 3:45PM. Includes lunch and “How to Pass the  ISSA Certification” class on Monday April 25th. $500.00 each.

Is there a charge for spouses and partners? Partners are no charge depending on the number in the class. If the class is full, the non-paying partner will be asked to leave. There will be free on-going informal marketing classes taught by Gene Megowan at the Bonika Shears office on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

Are there other accommodations besides the Quality Inn – Loganville?While the Quality Inn is a budget hotel, it is the best within Loganville. In Snellville which is 7 miles away there is the Hampton Inn and the LaQuinta. There are campgrounds at Stone Mountain Park and Fort Yargo State Park. (15 miles)

Do I need to stay for all 4 days? Come to the classes you want to see in person and watch the other classes on line. Pick and choose what you want to participate in.

Do I need to bring my sharpening equipment for the workshops? If you take the shear sharpening classes it is best to bring your own flathone equipment if possible. If you need to borrow or purchase a flathone or waterstones when you arrive, please inform us.






How to enter the ideas contest?

Sharpeners Jam Idea Contest 2022


Free for ALL to participate! Entries will be posted on the Facebook Sharpeners Jam Group on April 24th. Winners announced May 1.



  • Deadline April 13th to submit on-line or live presentations April 24th.
  • On-Line presentations options:
    1. Send a MP4 file to Can use OneDrive, Google Drive or other large file transfer. Can be sent as short MP4 segments and we will piece them together.
    2. Email a written description of your idea plus photos.
    3. Contact Bonnie to arrange an on-line interview about your idea and this will be recorded.
  • All entries must have the sharpeners name, location and email contact information. Entering the contest means you have given permission for your idea to be shared across any media.
  • Ideas must not be a sales presentation about something you are making a profit from. No multi-level marketing ideas. The idea may include some item you have purchased that you have re-purposed in a creative way.
  • Ideas should cover shear sharpening, clipper blade sharpening, clipper repair, manicure and knife sharpening and related topics. It can also be ideas to help in organization, sales, promotion, advertising, and other things related to a sharpening business.
  • For the best chance of winning, keep your ideas short, easy to repeat and creative.
  • You may submit up to 3 ideas per person. Please send separate entries.