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  • Caleb Snead – (Key Note Speaker) Caleb Snead is the Marketing Director at Wolff Industries, where he expertly oversees all facets of creative development, branding initiatives, communications strategies, advertising campaigns, and trade show engagements. With a dedicated tenure at Wolff, Caleb has played a pivotal role in enhancing the company's market presence and strengthening its industry reputation. Armed with an MBA in B2B Marketing, Caleb brings a wealth of strategic insight and innovative thinking to his role. His profound understanding of business-to-business dynamics and his creative acumen enable him to craft impactful marketing strategies that drive growth and foster lasting customer relationships.
  • Ramon Eickert -  Ramon Eickert owns Select Beauty Products/Catawba Cutlery in Fremont, OH. He manufactures professional beauty shears and is actively involved in sharpening them in salons. Having grown up in the industry, he is experienced in producing top-quality beauty shears in America at Arius. His unique expertise lies in both sharpening shears in salons and understanding their manufacturing process.
  • Jason Sturm  is the owner of The Edge Pro in Iowa. They have been sharpening and repairing tools since 1990 and are the warranty service center for most clipper brands. Theirs is a 3 generation family business.
  • Jim ODonnell-  Jim is the editor of “On the Edge” Newsletter and has had many years experience sharpening and teaching sharpening first with Wolff Industries and now on his own.  
  • Larissa Camp is will be the inspirational speaker for the Jam this year presenting "Cutting Through Challenges". She will share her journey of overcoming the odds in hairdressing despite having all her fingers amputated. Hear her source of strength and incredible tale on Sunday morning. 
  • Bonnie Megowan -  Bonnie is the co-owner of Bonika Shears along with her daughter. She has hosted the annual Sharpeners Jam for the past 25 years. She is a certified master sharpener with the NBTSG and trained in the Arius Eickert Scissor Factory and in the Jaguar Scissor Factory in Germany. She is a first place master certified sharpener with the NBTSG and educates weekly on her YouTube channel and at the Atlanta location.
  • Mystie Hunter - is part owner of Bonika Shears and the real power house behind Bonika. She oversees all daily operations including financial, scheduling and order shipping. If you need to speak to someone at Bonika who actually knows what’s going on, it’s Mystie. She also gives great sharpening advice although she has never sharpened. Mystie is the daughter of Gene and Bonnie Megowan.