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As of February 10, 2021, this is the class line-up for the 2021 Sharpeners Jam. All will be taught on-line the first week of May. The goal is to have 21 educators for 2021. The titles and topics are subject to change, many classes will be free and the others will require a registration fee. 

The Sharpeners Jam will be the premiere on-line sharpening education event again this year. Classes will be May 1-6, 2021. This will be the 23rd year of the Sharpeners Jam.

  1. Ramon Eickert – How to Set and Align ANY Shear PLUS Sharpening Long Groomer Shears
  2. Taskeen Ellahi – Using Understanding of Types and Purposes of Shear Blades in Order to Sell Shears
  3. Rich Kennedy – Make Money While Sleeping When You Sell Shears through Dropshipping
  4. David Finete – Negotiating Your Way Through All the Methods of Getting Paid
  5. Dennis Brooks – Fix the Unfixable PLUS Thinners and texturizers from Curved Chunkers to No-line blenders
  6. Jim O’Donnell – Ridelines – The Foundation on an Great Edge
  7. Jeff Andrews – Operating a High volume Mail- Order Business PLUS Issues with Clipper Blades and Comb Attachments
  8. Jason Sturm & Brandon Smart – Clipper Blade Tricks PLUS Sharpening Knives on a Flathone
  9. Bonnie Megowan – Introduction to Beauty Shear Sharpening PLUS Curved Shears – Sharpening for the Groomer, Stylist and Barber
  10. Judy Brenner – Your Image Counts – Websites, Business Cards and More
  11. Ron Dewitt – Successful Sharpening Subscription Service
  12. Christina Carsillo – Understanding How Stylists Use Curved and Other Shears to Cut Curly Hair
  13. Abdul Wadood – Avoiding Expensive Pitfalls for Websites for Sharpeners
  14. Gene Megowan – What Are You Worth? How to Price Your Services and How Much Can a Sharpener Make?
  15. Cari Cerda – A Groomer’s Perspective PLUS How to Teach Equipment Maintenance to Groomers
  16. Jason Pintel – Perfect Polish and Not so Perfect Polish