Shear Saver Review

May 11, 2022 2 min read 0 Comments

What is the Shear Saver and what is my opinion of the Shear Saver device? Let’s find out. One of my groomer sharpeners, Cari Cerda saw the shear saver for pet groomers at a pet show and wanted my opinion. The price was a little steep so I didn’t want to purchase one, but I spotted them at the recent American’s Beauty Show in Chicago. Drastically increase or extend the amount of time between professional sharpening. Shear Saver® is the only personal shear sharpener on the market, giving you control of your shears and bringing them back to like-new sharpness in seconds. Cut with more precision and less effort, every cut, and safely extend the edge-life of your most valuable tool. I was impressed that it was endorsed by Kenchii which is a company I respect. I’ve had Sammy with Kenchii on the video on what is the difference between stylist shears and grooming shears. I’ll put a link at the end of this video. • The benefits they say are Saves Time: Sharpen right at your workstation • Saves Money: Reduces professional sharpening fees. (5 sharpenings should pay for it. ) • Safe for Shears: Does not grind shears, remove metal or void shear’s manufacture warranty (I can’t confirm this) • Reduces injury: Sharper shears means less fatigue and stress on your hands (agreed) • Easier Haircuts: Eliminates folding and pushing hair. (possibly but tightening a loose screw will correct most cases of folding hair.) • Lifetime Warranty: We stand behind Shear Saver® 100% (30 day return policy with a 15% restocking fee.) I was given a demonstration then tried the device myself. Here is my opinion. This seems to do exactly what it is intended to do… allow the end user to go longer between professional sharpening. It IS NOT a shear sharpener! Some of their website does refer to it as a “Professional shear sharpening tool” Will the end user use it correctly. It was a little fiddly for me to do with someone showing me and being familiar with shears. This is similar to s chef using a steel. Which can be good or bad. Those of us who sharpen knives are often confronted with home chefs who incorrectly use their steel and make their knives duller rather than sharper. Their website says: IMPORTANT! Shear Saver® is a professional shear sharpening tool designed for the professional hairstylist and barber. It is very important to view the operational video and review the instruction card included with your Shear Saver® before using the Shear Saver® on your shears. To get comfortable and confident with the Shear Saver®, practice on test shears prior to using on your favorite revenue generating shears. This item is not intended to sharpen shears. It will not remove nicks. Basically it should do the same as the nail buffer that sells for $1.00. Video on the end how this works.