January 06, 2022 1 min read 0 Comments

Thinking of a new career for a hair stylist, but still in the beauty industry? Check out sharpening and selling shears to the hair salons. It is easier on your body, in most cases it is more money and you have the freedom to go from salon to salon helping cosmetologists by giving them sharp scissors. 

 2022 and everyone is reevaluating their lives, changing jobs, going new directions. Is this the year to become a full time shear sharpener for the beauty salon stylists, groomers and barbers? This is something to think about and we are here to help.

Call me to chat about the opportunity to "Cut Your Own Path to Financial Freedom" with Bonika Shears. 770-972-4332 We sell equipment and train on line anywhere in the world!

How to Start a Business Sharpening Shears for Hair Salons? In most cases it is best to look at the area where you wish to work and evaluate the amount of hair salons in your immediate area and the possible competition. Next, download information packages about training and equipment. Check out YouTube videos on shear sharpening and read the book by Bonnie Megowan, "Sharpening Shears: How to Start a Rewarding Home-Based Business." 

The book and information package is available on this website.