Tools and Equipment to Sharpen Hair Shears Inside the Salon

December 06, 2020 1 min read 0 Comments

Mobile sharpeners need the right tools and equipment to sharpen inside a hair salon or grooming shop. Usually there is a place to set up to sharpen their shears in the actual building. This video shows me packing my shear sharpening tool box to go to a beauty salon to sharpen. The equipment and tools must be professional yet compact enough to transport and set up quickly. 

This is a list, A-Z of what professional shear sharpeners should have in their mobile sharpening box. 

  • A Alignment bar, allen wrench, apron, Archone
  • B bending tool, blue film, bumpers, bandaids, ball bearing. BELL WASHER
  • C clamp, calendar, ceramic stick calculator, cards, curve adaptor
  • D Diamond spray, diamond file, DMT whetstone, diamond whetstone
  • E end wrap paper, external clicker plates, eraser
  • F flathone, fingerrest, felt pad, fromm and Jaguar screws, Fish key
  • G glue, gunmat
  • H – hair, hairdye remover, handle bender, H42
  • I internal clicker plate, insert rings
  • J jewels, jar, jewelry
  • K – Knife
  • L –lip balm, lock tite, laptop light, lighter
  • M microfiber cloth, magnifier, music, mission statement
  • N nagura stone, nail buffer, needle nose pliers, nail nippers
  • O oil, optivisor, orange hand cleaner
  • P pipe cleaner, paper towels, puff tissue, polish, probe, pill box
  • Q Qtip
  • R rolling tool box,
  • S – Scimech HD Flathone, screws, screwdriver, spray bottle, square, spanner bits, scissor pliers,
  • T Teflon tape, tablet, tweezer
  • U ufo tool, ufo screws, umbrella
  • V vinyl gloves
  • W whetstone, washers, wintergreen alcohol, website, waterbottle
  • X xtra parts, extra coarse stones and film
  • Y yellow bending bar from wolff
  • Z zipper bag, zippo lighter