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Learn to sharpen nearby. Several people have called to ask us is there a sharpening class near me? Is there a shear sharpening instruction or blade sharpening school near me?

Sharpening school near me can be through traveling group classes for shear sharpening or digital classes for shear sharpening or blade sharpening. Most people opt to travel to the Atlanta area for a private class at the Bonika Shears location.  

This video will answer the question about sharpening classes close to where you live.

Even though our shear sharpening school and clipper blade sharpening school are located in the Atlanta, Georgia area of the southeast United States, we will very often have shear sharpening classes around the country and the world. In the past we have had shear sharpening classes in New Jersey, New York, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Ohio, Kansas, Illinois, California, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, Germany,  District of Columbia, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania. We have upcoming planned classes for the next 12 months in Washington DC, Chicago, Las Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. These will all be group classes with 2 – 3 people. They will be good for beginners or a refresher. Link for dates and registration.  

Digital classes are private classes. Typically we use Google Meet but we can use any service that allows us to see each other. These classes are charged by the hour and typically work well for 3 -4 hour blocks.

Private classes in our office can be surprisingly economical to come to. Our sharpening school is in Loganville, GA which is a small community west of Atlanta, halfway between Atlanta and Athens. Most people stay at a nearby hotel which typically is less than $100.00 per night. The Atlanta-Hartsfield airport is 40 miles southwest of our office and we are about the same distance from downtown Atlanta. The Atlanta-Hartsfield airport is one of the most economical airports to fly to from almost anywhere in the world. The advantage of training at the Bonika Shears training center is additional days are free to stay and practice or ride with the local sharpener as he makes service calls in the area.

While looking for sharpening instruction or sharpening teachers near me it is wise to be aware that many sharpener trainers will not teach sharpening to anyone who may be working in their area. Because our business model is enabling sharpeners to start their own business and equipping them to do so, we regularly train sharpeners and teach sharpening in the southeastern part of the United States, even in the metro-Atlanta area or even our own county of Gwinnett. It is wise to find a person to teach sharpening or a sharpening school that has an instructor who is certified and factory trained. If the cost is very low for learning one might wonder how successful that person is out in the field sharpening. Also, when comparing sharpening training be sure you train with a person who is an expert at the sharpening equipment you will be using and that that sharpening teacher is has experience teaching and that you feel comfortable with them.

To learn more about sharpening training at Bonika Shears contact our office at 770-972-4332 or download our information package.