August 10, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

Shear sharpeners are often stumped when sharpening the Fishbone shear by Bonika. Below are two videos that will help you in this process. These are the basic principles to follow when sharpening these shears.

  • Disassemble the shears to work the rideline. The screw is placed very tight and snug and often needs a stronger UFO tool to disassemble. Note washers are on both sides of the screw.
  • The rideline is very important for this shear because it is designed for razoring and sliding. The ride should be worked with abrasives of 4000 or higher. I use an 8000 Japanese waterstone although I may progress from a 2000 grit up.
  • The edge is a very wide polished bevel. The angle is 60 degrees.
  • Do nothing to the “fins” or hair guides on the back of the blade. They are not designed to cut but to guide the hair into the sharp blade.
  • Polish the blade to the edge but not over the edge. This must be a sharp smooth blade.
  • When you test these shears, test on wet tissue to be sure the edge is smooth. Expect them to push hair when cutting straight. These shears are designed to slide and razor, not make straight cuts.

Watch these videos. If you are uncomfortable sharpening these shears I will sharpen at a wholesale price for other sharpeners.