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Thread Locker for Screws

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Vibra-tite Threadmate VC-3. 5 ml tube. Thread locker for scissor screws, finger rest, swivel thumb screws and screw-in bumpers. An amazing product different than other thread lock products. This is an acrylic resin that will allow the screw to be removed and replaced up to 5 times. simply paint it entirely on the screw before inserting it into the shear. let it dry 30 minutes (can be left on indefinitely). Once inserted into the shear, the shears are immediately ready for use vibration, wiggle, water will not affect the hold. Proudly made in the USA. 


I recommend watching the video.

This item must be shipped by FedEx not Post Office because it is flammable. This is why we have the weight as 1 lb to calculate the shipping high. We will calculate the actual shipping and credit back the difference if there is any.