The Hollow and the Hone video with Casper Kiser Download


This is the most complete video presentation of the complexities of shear manufacture and function made. Watch these streaming videos. 

This video will explore with clear illustrations the

  • •honed and non-honed shears and how and why they are made and sharpened differently
  • •the "twist" in shears, what it is and what it isn't
  • •the importance of the hollow grind and how it affects the performance of shears
  • •what correct and in-correct honing looks like and how it affects the cut
  • •angle selection, the pros and cons of sharp vs strong edges
  • •how and why shears are put back into correct alignment
  • •and much, much more.

This is one of those videos you will watch over and over and learn something new each time. This is an essential part of every scissor sharpeners library. You will have a new appreciation for the complexity of the beauty and groomer shears. Casper Kiser was the plant floor supervisor in McMinnville, TN for the Oster factory with over 15 years experience in the manufacture of beauty and groomer shears with the Arius Eickert company. This lecture was presented to sharpeners at the 2010 Sharpeners Jam in Atlanta, GA. Here their questions and comments as Casper clearly shares with a small select group of sharpeners his years of experience.

The information will be invaluable no matter what sharpening system you use

Watch the trailer