Starting a Sharpening Business Library - 8 videos


How to start a shear / scissors sharpening business video set.

This is the complete set we send to those who are coming for training in the shear sharpening business. These 6 videos plus TWO bonus video includes what sharpeners need to know. You will understand shears, handles, edges, how to care for them as a stylist. You will learn what makes a shear cut and understand a little of the manufacturer of shears and how that affects you as a sharpener. You will learn how to set up your route, how to brand your business, select a name and design your business card. You will learn about how and why you should sell shears when you sharpen and how to deal with stylists. This is a lifetime of experience put together in one concise, easy to watch video series. Sharpeners will make more money in a day than the cost of this video library.

This video will also teach you how to sharpen a convex edge shear. Learn the complete 15 step system Bonika Shears teaches using the Scimech and Scimech HD scissor flathones to sharpen a convex edge shear. These videos encompass the material that is learned in their hands on class. It is a required course of study for all sharpeners who come to the training program and is entirely reimbursable to those who later purchase a new Scimech Scissor Flathone. You will learn the following:

  1. Analyzing a shear before sharpening
  2. Replacing hardware including bumpers, finger rests, screws and more
  3. Disassembling various types of shears
  4. Cleaning the shear
  5. Marking the shear
  6. Creating the rideline
  7. Preparing the Scimech for sharpening
  8. Setting the clamp
  9. Making the correct "landing"
  10. Creating the bur
  11. Reshaping the edge
  12. Removing the bur
  13. Polishing
  14. Removing residual burs
  15. Testing

We recommend you watch the entire set of training videos before coming for personal training.   

Now with two bonus videos: Sharpening Shears with Teeth and Branding Your Business