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This is the place to get the best selection of practice scissors for sharpeners. We bought out a company that sold Pakistan made shears at hair shows. These are useful to practice sharpening. All are new, but samples used at the hair shows so most will have minor nicks. All are forged and can be used to practice bending, sharpening. Afterwards you can sell them at a discounted price, use as a loaner to showcase your work or use the parts in other scissors. Marked Cinderella Hair VIP for the 440C convex shears. Others marked Hasami. Selection may vary from the photos. There is no warranty on these shears.

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Practice Bag-Deluxe

Includes 7 shears.  Includes Hasami (Pakistan) and Anvil (USA) shears. All are forged and can be bent or hammered. Each set will have a curved shear, thinner, beveled, convex, coated shear and a lefty. Each assortment is a little different. See the photo of the 7 shear sets. All shears are new but may have been used as samples and could have nicks. Perfect for practice! Would sell at the hair shows for about $25.00 each.  $85.00

Practice Bag-Rainbow

Includes 6 shears all rainbow. Includes a double tooth thinner, a longer shear, a lefty shear, a thinning shear, a swivel thumb, and a regular shear. No individual bags. $85.00

Practice Bag-Silver

Includes 4 convex edge shears. Will have a lefty and a thinner plus two shears of different lengths. No individual bags.  $65.00

Individual practice shears available.

Priced as follows: Rainbow $15.00 Convex marked Hasami $17 each, No individual bags.