Nagura Stone for use with your waterstone

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The Nagura stone makes your waterstone work more efficiently giving you a smoother, shiny rideline on your shears, keeping your stone flatter and cleaner between stone reconditionings, creates a sharpening slurry or "sharpening juice" on the surface of your stone that loosens and lifts the abrasives from the stone to "float" on the surface working as a lubricant and sharpening agent between the shear blade and the stone. Measures 3" X 1" X 1". I use this on everything from 500 grit to 15,000 grit stones. The difference on the ride is clearly visible. Works well on MOST stones, expecially synthetic stones. The video shows the previous stone we sold. This stone is pink and is man-made with a porosity that creates a more aggressive slurry. I recommend this stone.