Mini Diamond Hone

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DMT Diamond hand held hones are ideal for sharpening the teeth on blending and thinning shears, cuticle nippers and other sharpening where a hand held hone works perfect. 

 The ergonomically designed handle provides comfortable sharpening, deburring and honing in tight spaces.   Easy access tip measures .033” thick (1 mm) 

Stone Size:  2.5" x .75"  (64 mm x 19 mm)

Overall Size: 7" x .75" x .19"  (178 mm x 19 mm x 5 mm)

Surface is a continuous diamond surface. 

  • RED (F) Diamond - Fine

    Use to put a great edge on slightly dull knives or tools. (600 mesh, 25 micron)
  • GREEN (E) Diamond - Extra Fine

    Gives everything a polished and razor sharp edge. (1200 mesh, 9 micron)

Also Blue (C) Diamond - Coarse  Use to create a bur. 45 micron 325 mesh grit

Watch the videos in this section to see the many other household chores this little diamond mini-hone will address.