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Little Red Clipper Hone CS-10-2023

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The Nebraska Blades CS-10 Little Red Clipper Sharpening Machine has been upgraded. It is the ideal clipper blade sharpening machine for in salon and portable sharpening. If you are using this clipper blade sharpener machine as a supplement to another business and will be sharpening a limited number of clipper blades, this small hone might be your best choice. It is small, but it sharpens trimmers to 2 1/2" wide blades. It is a true hollow ground clipper blade sharpener. The small size (11” square) with high walls and hinged dust cover makes it clean and easy to bring in and take out of the salon or sharpen at a trade show.

The new innovations include 110-230AC Volt input poser, 90 volt DC motor with 2 AMP draw.  The of/off with variable speed control lets you sharpen from 900-1900 RPM! This will give you plenty of power & speed for sharpening A5 blades, trimmer blades and the vibrating-type clipper blades used in the barber/beauty industry and more.

Weighing 20 pounds and measuring 11" x 11" x 7.5", allows for easy transportation. The heavy duty rubber edge protection and rubber anti-vibration feet allows you to actually set up mobile at the salon or groomer location.  The manual hand brake is standard. 

CS-10(Little Red) Sharpening Machine Complete w/ enough supplies to sharpen 1000 blades 


    • Machine
    • 10” Micro-Serrated Aluminum Double-Sided Plate
    • 1 lb Premium Honing Powder
    • Plate Charging Block Power Magnet
    • Deluxe Socket Setting Gauge
    • 8oz Lubricant/Cleaner
    • 8oz Spray Adhesive
    • 1oz Clipper Blade Start-Up Oil
    • 100 Plastic Bags to Return Sharpened Blades
    • Foam Brush
    • 5/32 Hex Wrench and 3 screws (to attach wheel)
    • Rub block with instructions
    • Sample test fur and string
    • Training DVD

    This machine is a real money maker. If you sharpen 750 blades @ $5.50 per blade (this is on the low side), the machine will produce $4,125.00! This is more than twice the cost of either machine.

  •   Additional shipping may be added for this equipment. It is shipped direct from the manufacturer, EdgePro in Iowa.