Kitayama Stones


Kitayama Combo Stone 1000/4000

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Our recommendation for the advanced sharpener to create and recreate a ride or hone line in quality shears. Very popular stone debuted and sold out at the 2010 Sharpeners Jam. The Kitayama Stone is made in Japan by a very old manufacturing company. Some of the Japanese scissor makers use this stone in their production; it is made from the finest quality, 1000 and 4000 grit abrasives with aluminia. We have been spraying it with water and not soaking it. The aggressiveness of the 1000 grit and the shine of the 4000 grit have been very impressive. Stand extra. Size 205mm (8”) X 65mm (2.5”) and 35 mm thick (1.38”) The 1000 grit side is thicker than the 4000 grit because this usually wears faster. This stone will last a long time. It doesn't seem to need flattening as much as other stones. We carry this one in stock.