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DIY Care and Repair of Stylist Shears Book

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The essential manual for everyone who owns a pair of shears.  

Written by Bonnie Megowan of Bonika Shears.

This book is to guide you through the care and simple repairs of typical beauty shears. Following these guidelines, the normal stylist with 4 or more pairs of shears will save possibly thousands of dollars in their career as a stylist. You will learn how to prolong the life of your shears and save on too frequent sharpening and shear replacement. 
This book is not how to fire your professional shear sharpener. There will be times you will need to call the expert. However, you will learn some of the knowledge, skills, tools and supplies the professionals use. You will also learn Do It Yourself ways to do what they do. Many of the hacks here will be utilizing simple items you probably already have in your salon, purse or pocket.
•What is your Cutting Personality and how that affects the care of your shears
•How to talk intelligently to your sharpener or shear rep using the correct terminology and shears parts that they use. 
•How to avoid cuts and injuries by using some common sense shear safety
•How to correctly adjust your pivot screw. 
•How to correctly clean your shears.
•How to store your shears between use and for transport.
•How to prevent rust on your shears and preserve the shine.
•How to replace the finger rest and hacks to use if you don’t have one.
•How to replace the bumper or spacer between the handle and hacks if you don’t have one.
•How to make the shears fit your fingers
•What are the 3 types of edges on shears
•How to tell if your shears are dull 
•How to bring back the edge
and much more.

  (also Available in Spanish) diy-spanish-ebook-cover.jpg

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