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Blue Honing Film - Packs of 5 Abrasive Pads


Blue Film Honing Pads - Packs of 5. 

These abrasive sharpening film for use on flat hone beauty shear sharpening equipment are ideal sanding / grinding discs for sharpening and honing convex and bevel type of quality beauty shears. Image shown is actual grain. These are industrial grade hook and loop Blue Film sanding discs. Blue Film is made on a 5 mil PET film base using PREMIUM aluminina zirconia stearate grain, with an open coat.  Zirconium is tougher than aluminum oxide, can handle extreme pressures, and outlasts aluminum oxide products. Plus, zirconia alumina sharpens itself with each use, so you get the most out of every pad.

Features of the Blue Film Honing Pads 

  • Industrial premium aluminina zirconia stearate abrasive
  • Non-loading for long life
  • Solid color – makes it easy to see the bur appear and to see when the pad is loaded
  • True 6” round shape
  • Velcro / Hook and Loop (HL) backing on a 5 mil polyester film base (not a paper base!)
  • Less “scratch” pattern and slightly less aggressive than 3M brand micron film
  • Less expensive than 3M micron film
  • 60% cheaper than 3M

 Multiple grits. 

 Approximate General equivalency to the micron pads from 3M you may have been using

  • BF2000 - 2000 grit is equivalent to 10.3 micron (I feel like this is more like what a 5 or 6 micron in 3M would feel like because it performs much finer with less scratch.)
  • BF1500 - 1500 grit is equivalent to 12.6 micron ( I feel like this is very similar to a 9 micron in 3M)
  • BF1200 - 1200 grit is equivalent to 15.3 micron (This seems finer and less aggressive than the 3M 15 micron equivalent in my opinion)
  • BF1000 - 1000 grit is equivalent to 18.3 micron (This feels a little finer than 15 micron in the 3M abrasives)
  • BF800 - 800 grit is equivalent to 21.8 micron (Seems to be slightly more aggressive than the 15 micron in 3M)
  • BF600 - 600 grit is equivalent to 25.75 micron (I used this instead of 30 micron. It seems to be slightly less aggressive and a nice starter grit for gently nicked shears)
  • BF400 - 400 grit is equivalent to 30.2 micron (This grit is roughly equivalent to a 40 micron)
  •  BF220 is equivalent to 80 micron
  • BF180 is equivalent to 100 micron

Suggestion for flathone shear sharpeners… Start with 600, 1000 and 1500 grit or try some of all to see what grit you like. Mark the center of the Blue Film with size. The Blue Film is marked on the back, but it is hard or impossible to tell apart when on your plates. Experiment with the other grits. Use water on the blue film just as you have the 3M micron film in the past. Please give me your feedback. Personally I like this film more than 3M and am amazed it costs less!