Yancey Edwards - Shear Insanity - NJ / NY

Yancey is the key hairstylist for Oprah Winfry's soulful conversations. He is Emmy nominated for his work as head hairstylist on daytime show,  The View. His resume of celebrity hair and awards reads like a who's who of the industry.

bonika-2266-15696441.gifYancey says, "I also want to thank Bonika for giving me the exposure that I deserve.you guys really stood behind me as an artist I appreciate that.Thanks for never questioning my talent I scream Bonika everywhere I go.I stand firmly behind Bonika because this is not a paid thing I use your shears and I fully understand how they function.I go above and beyond with my cutting and your shears take a licking and keeps on ticking!"


Yancey Edwards of Shear Insanity Salon in New Jersey discovered our Bonika Shears at an advanced hair extension cutting class. From the first time he tried Bonika Shears he was addicted. Yancey is a true celebrity stylist and specializes in hair weave and hair extensions. However, it is Yancey’s cuts that set his styles above the rest. Yancey is one of the educators who works with Bonika Shears.