Nikki Watson


My favorite shears are Tribal and Firefly..both are perfect for

Nikki is a native Memphian and 20+ year veteran in the Hair Industry. She is a Master Barber Stylist who enjoys cutting and styling men and women hair at Watson’s One Stop Beauty & Barber Salon which she owns. Her talent includes specializing in healthy hair, precision haircuts, extensions, fades, tapers, designs, along with razor cuts, hair coloring, and natural hair. A sought after talent, Nikki has been featured in print media which includes DSFM Magazine and Kocke Magazine. She has served on the Expert and Judge Panel at the Beauty & Barber Conference in Memphis, TN which is hosted by Destiny Cox International. Nikki believes in Continued Education and loves educating fellow industry professionals. She has been able to present classes at the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show in Atlanta, GA. The classes were the 10-Second Layer Cut, The Art of Natural Hair, and Retail 2 Retire Business Class which has a published book and workbook for stylist and barbers to follow. She currently travels to different cities to present classes to local salons and barber shops to help increase their wealth and share what she has learned over her career. As a result of being the 2010 Hair Battle Winner during the Bronner Bros. on stage hair battle, Nikki was awarded the Izunami Flatirons and professional products. Over a course of a 5 year span, Nikki was given the opportunity to become a distributor for the Izutech (re-branded from Izunami) Professional Products and was able to re-launch their products during the 2015 Mid- Winter Bronner Bros International Hair during her classes as well as on the show platform. Also during this show, Nikki was afforded the opportunity to platform the world renowned Bonika Shears and is currently branding shears with the company. Nikki credits God and her parents, Carver and Carolyn Watson, for blessing and exposing her to the Beauty Industry. Nikki is at the pinnacle of her craft, always looking for new ways to realize her Vision….one client at a time. Nikki’s motto is “Knowledge Is Currency™”.