James Mack - MD

James uses the Bonika fishbone Shear. James Mack Internationally Renowned Stylist and Instructor Winner of over 40 Competitions About Mr. Mack James Mack has been an icon in the hair stylist industry for more than 13- years. He has participated in and placed 1st or 2nd in more than 40 beauty shows both nationally and internationally and is a member of “America’s Dream Team” which consists of the nine (9) Best Barbers in the United States. Mr. Mack has owned two salons. He is a member of the Board of Judges for Styling Competitions around the country. “Mack” (as he is known throughout the industry) is an entrepreneur. He is an innovator. Mr. Mack served as an instructor in the “Mid-west Beauty Show” and “Proud Lady” in Chicago. He has served as a Platform Artist for “Wetline” and “Barry Fletcher Products.” James Mack has been featured in industry magazines such as “Salon Sense” and “Black Hair Sophisticate.” He is a former Ambassador for Oster Clipper Company. He is also one of the former image designers of the S-Curl product packaging, featuring his clients modeling the art of his craft. Mack’s state-of-the-art technical approach to hair design has made him a highly sought after barber/stylist. He was requested to create a new look for the R&B singer “Musiq.” His skill is warranted amongst radio personalities in the Radio One Company, several celebrities and world wide ministers around the USA. James Mack developed an educational video entitled “Clippermetrics and Beyond” which is used to educate entrepreneurs on the quality and skills of the trade. His T-Shirt line “Educate the World Concepts by James Mack” serves as a tribute to the men and women who are raising the standard of excellence in the industry. His client base is diverse; hence his skills and techniques are equally varied. As a member of the “2004 Black Male Power Players” and “1994 Barry Fletcher International Design Team” for more than 10 years, Mr. Mack has acquired a considerable following of industry, professional, lay men and women who pattern their techniques after his. His following mimics his expertise, using the exact same products to accomplish the quality for which he is revered. Mr. Mack is currently available for shows, product promotion and classroom instruction.