How to Learn to Sharpen Shears for Hair Salons

For those who want to sharpen hair cutting shears and scissors for hair stylists, barbers and even groomers, it is important to start with the right equipment and training. If a person starts with the wrong equipment or tries to teach themselves,  they will have lower quality results in sharpening and will have problems going back to those same businesses and winning their trust back when they have the right tools and instruction. A worse scenario case scenario would be to ruin an expensive pair of beauty shears and have to replace that shear for the customer.

Bonika Shears offers the right equipment and sharpening school that has created hundreds of successful profitable sharpening businesses. The Bonika Shears sharpening school is taught by Bonika Shears owner, Bonnie Megowan. As a sharpener for over 30 years and a former schoolteacher, Bonnie not only understands all aspects of shear sharpening, she, also has the skills and patience to teach. Most sharpening classes are taught privately in person although small group instructional programs are often created in various cities that may be in the area where you live. Ideally the one on one training in the Bonika Shears training center in Loganville, GA (Outside Atlanta) is the best place to learn and practice. In addition, many have been successfully trained on-line through the internet with digital virtual classes. All classes in shear sharpening begin with watching videos as well studying a sharpening book manual before the class.

The best equipment for sharpening beauty shears, especially sharpening convex Japanese style shears, is a flathone system. This is most similar to the equipment used in manufacturing. Bonnie trains on all flathone systems on the market that has a clamping system. The equipment we recommend is the Scimech HD Scissor Flathone. This is the sturdiest of the flathone system with all the components created and assembled in the USA put into a stainless steel chasis. The clamping system is the most ergonomic and easiest sharpening jig available. The Scimech has been in continuous production and use for more than 20 years with small upgrades and added features during the last three years.

To schedule a sharpening class, get more information on the sharpening business with prices on equipment, we recommend you download our wholesale information package. Someone will be in contact with you after a few days to see if you have questions. You can in additional call the Bonika Shears office at 770-972-4332 or email them at .