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Twisters Swivel Thumb Thinning Blending Shears

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These swivel thumb thinning and blending shears are great for getting into those hard to reach angles with ease and comfort to your wrists, shoulders and hands. Our Silk model of the swivel thumb Twister is rugged enough for those who cut in a fast paced cutting environment but has a more "silky" smoother feel plus a beautiful rhinestone center pivot screw. 


  • 6" length, 30 teeth
  • Glide swivel thumb hole for relaxed cut
  • Silky smooth operation, convex edge,
  • Deep polished hollow grind and hand honed inside ride
  • Easy to adjust jeweled thumb screw
  • Plastic insert rings that are removable
  • Removable finger rest with washer
  • High carbon quality 440C tappan forged steel
  • Buffing with Sino hand finishing
  • Includes Free 6 pocket shear case
  • Lifetime warranty
  • One year accidental damage guarantee
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee

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