Bonika Shears


Scimech Sharpening Essentials Kit

These are the items that normally come free with the Scimech HD Hands On Training. If you are not getting the training from Bonika Shears or if you are getting a discount group training or having training from someone else, these are the essential sharpening items we feel you will need to get you started in the business. 


    1. Diamond Spray
    2. Scimech Hone Kit - (Includes Japanese waterstone, nagura stone, flattening stone and microfiber cloth)
    3. Steel polishing compound—
    4. Ceramic stone
    5. UFO Keys (1 German, 1 Asian) for adjusting shears
    6. Convex practice shears
    7. Bevel practice shears
    8. Buffing file
    9. 31 pc Repair Kit
    10. Sumo Shear Oil (2)
    11. Stainless Steel Pointy Tweezers
    12. Magnetic Screw Holder Cup
    13. Edge Marker


Does not include the Training Manual unless you are coming for training.