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Bonika Firefly

The Bonika Firefly is one of the most popular shears due to it’s unique comfortable handle, light weight and slim curved blades. However, there are some recommendations for using and maintaining this shear that will make your experience more enjoyable.

  • 1)The Firefly is a detail shear designed primarily for point cutting, slide cutting, and finishing work. It is great for face framing and for cutting in design lines for men’s parts. It is not designed for cutting huge chunks of hair, heavy duty thick section straight cutting. It is a secondary specialty shear that normally used in conjunction with other more all purpose shears. The thin blades made encounter alignment issues if forced to cut large hair sections on a continuous basis.
  • 2)The Firefly must be adjusted differently than other shears. The pivot screw must be tight. The adjustment should be that the handle and blade will not drop on their own without normal cutting pressure.
  • 3)The sharpening of the Bonika Firefly can be a little tricky for many sharpeners. It will not void your warranty for another sharpener to sharpen these, but if your sharpener is unsure how to do these shears do not hesitate to send them back. You can share this video with your sharpener on Youtube on how the screw is to be reinstalled. Proper sharpening requires the shear to be taken apart to work the rideline. Because of the blade width gentle convex sharpening with low speeds and fine abrasives should be used and the two blades are sharpened at different angles for the most effective use in cutting. If your sharpener has any concerns he or she can contact Bonnie Megowan at Bonika Shears 770-972-4332.

The Video below shows Jeremiah Sammons, celebrity stylist and educator talking about his Firefly shears.

17th Nov 2017 Bonnie Megowan