December 22, 2020 1 min read 0 Comments

It is important to correctly adjust the tension on your beauty shears and barber scissors as well as grooming shears. Shears with a regular type screw or slotted screw must be fitted with the correct size screw driver and turned clock-wise to tighten as most shears typically have a screw that is loose.  The correct adjustment will allow the handles to move easily without slamming shut or wobbling. The key is to find a screwdriver which fits correctly in the hole. A screwdriver that is too small can damage the screw without giving you the necessary torque. Many people prefer to use the Scissor Pliers to give them extra strength when adjusting these types of screws. If you get too much resistance, soaking the screw in oil to loosen the threads that may become rusty is important because you would not want to strip the screw.

Sharpeners or those interested stylists who want to know more about pivot screws should watch this longer video.