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Standard detachable groomer or animal clipper blades are essentially the same as barber blades except they have different nomenclature. Barber blades have a larger number for those blades that leave more hair behind and groomer blades are numbered in reverse. A groomer blade can be used on human hair and the stylist / barber blades can also be successfully used on pets. If you are using the same blades for both purposes, it would be good to clean the thoroughly between use and oil them.

Below is  a chart showing the amount of hair left behind and the number names of the various blades. It is interesting to note that many barbers will use the ancient term “aught” for “zero.” They may talk about a “triple aught” blade while the groomer will be talking about a number 30 blade.


Hair Cutting Length

Barber / Beauty Blade

Animal Blade

0.2 mm - 1/125"

#00000 (bald heads)

#50 (surgical)

0.25 mm - 1/100"

#0000 (4-aught)


0.5 mm - 1/50"

#000 (3-aught)


1.2mm - 3/36"



1.5mm - 1/16"



2.0 mm - 5/64"



2.4mm - 3/32"


#8 1/2

4.0 mm - 5/32"

#1 1/2


6.3 mm - 1/4"



9.5mm - 3/8"

#3 1/2



All the standard detachable blades will fit both groomer and barber clippers that use these blades. The clippers that use the standard detachable blades are called A5 Clippers. The blade and the clipper brand don’t have to be the same, either. However, authentic brands usually will cut better, last longer and sharpen up better than an after-market brand.

A5 animal clippers include:

  • Andis AGS, Pulse ZR II, and Excel
  • Wahl KM models, Libretto
  • Heinger Saphir and Opal
  • Oster A5

A5 barber clippers include:

  • Andis Supra ZR
  • Oster Classic 76
  • Wahl Mentor