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September 2014 Kansas City, MO NBTSG National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild

Bonika Shears is proud to congratulate Tim Lau for his achievement at the National Beauty Tools Sharpeners Guild convention in Kansas City, MO. Tim received the highest score for his sharpening. He sharpened a convex, thinner and lefty bevel edge shear in a limited time repairing, deep nicks, wrong angles, serrations, blade and handle misalignment and other difficulties for the highest score overall and a near perfect score on the convex edge shear.

Although Tim participated in the Pre-certification at the recent Sharpeners Jam, he had never attempted certification before. He is now recognized as a "Master" sharpener and is the second Master sharpener at the Bonika Shears offices. Bonnie Megowan also achieved Master Sharpener status in 2012 and was also the top score for the certification at that convention. 

Tim's achievement was more outstanding in that the person who scored second was from Australia and Tim was the only person who achieved Master level this year and is one of only a handful of Master Sharpeners in the United States. tim not only worked for Bonika Shears, but was trained by bonnie Megowan and used the Scimech Scissor Flathone for sharpening.