Bonika Becomes a Master Distributor of Jaguar Shears

August 17, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

January 19, 2029

We at Bonika have always seen Jaguar Shears has quality scissors and a German complement to our shears made with Japanese technology. The shears you cut with are as personal to the stylist as the car you select to drive. This is why we strive to offer the greatest variety of cutting experiences to both our stylists customers and to the sharpeners who sell to them.

FAQ about Jaguar

Can you explain the Jaguar Shears warranty?

Jaguar shears have a warranty against manufacturer's defects as long as they are sharpened by their official sharpener Tweezerman in New York. They have a 3 to 4 week turn-around on their sharpening.

As of January 1, 2019, Robanda International Inc became the USA distributor for Jaguar. Having a shear line was new to this company and they contacted us, at Bonika Shears to assist with this. In numerous discussions with them it was explained to me that the only thing covered on Jaguar for their Lifetime Warranty are manufacture defects. If there are any manufacturer defects these would most likely show up in the first year. Anything after one year could and would be considered normal wear and tear. Therefore, it would appear from this that after the first year of use, when you have your shears sharpened by a professional sharpener of your choice would not affect your warranty. Neither Tweezerman, Robanda nor Jaguar would be responsible for incorrect sharpening – only the sharpening company themselves. Tweezerman would have better access to specific training to sharpen Jaguar and replacement parts but Bonika Shears and those sharpeners trained and equipped by our company would individually guarantee their sharpening work and would guarantee their work.

The warranty as written on the Bonika website and approved by the Jaguar USA importers – Robanda International states:

All Jaguar Scissors have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects due to production or material faults. The shears would have been used in normal and expected use. These problems must not be related to normal wear and tear, improper use, abuse, misuse or poor sharpening. Your shears will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Jaguar or Bonika Shears.

There is nothing on the USA nor the German website, the packaging or brochure at this time that states what the warranty is or how long the warranty lasts. It has been our experience in the 30 years of sharpening shears of all brands at Bonika Shears including Jaguar that under proper use and proper sharpening these shears can last a lifetime of use. They are very well made, rugged tools that sharpen easily and continue to cut decade after decade. I have not in my experience come across any that had defects, but of course that can happen. If you suspect your shears have a manufacturer’s defect you can send it to Robanda International in California or to us here at Bonika. If it truly is a defect that appears after we have sharpened the shears we will replace or repair with the same item or an equivalent item if the shears are a discontinued model.

WHAT is the process of shipping Jaguar?

When you place a Jaguar order with Bonika Shears by phone or on line the orders are usually shipped from the California office within a 48-72 hour period if they are in stock. We sometimes will not know for 24 hours if they are in stock. 

There are occasions, we are told by Robanda International, Inc., the importers of Jaguar shears) when there could be up to a week delay if they are working on a special project. 

Shipping is usually FedEx or UPS ground. If an order is noted to expedite or special delivery the process will take 24 – 48 hours and the customer is liable for additional freight cost. Bonika Shears will attempt to keep some of the more popular models in stock in their Georgia location in which case the shears will be shipped within 24 hours.