March 25, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

Below is a short video to watch where I'll answer all(most) of your questions about the 20201 Sharpeners Jam May 1-6. 

Quick answers to your FAQ

1) Do I have to travel to Atlanta? No, it's all digital.

2) Can I watch it later after the event? What if I miss a presentation? All participants will get private (unlisted) Youtube links to watch at their leisure after the event.

3) How much does it cost? Saturday and Sunday are free, the other days have a one time charge for $210 for all the classes. 

4) I can't afford it? Can I pay later? You can pay $110.00 to sign up and the additional $110.00 within a month after the event... however, you will not get the links until we get the second payment. Call us for this arrangement 770-972-4332. 

5) What will the classes consist of? There are too many to name here, but you will learn about shear sharpening with ridelines, polishing, alignment, texturizers, serrations and so much more. Pretty much everything you want to know. There will also be marketing, clipper blade sharpening and even classes on dental and surgical sharpening for vets. 

6) How hard is this to log on and be in the class? If you can get on Google you can get on our Google Meet. We will send a link or a phone number to call to participate. 

7) Is there a limited number that can sign up?Yes , 250. 

8) Can I ask questions of the educators? Yes, you can ask in the live meetings and you will access to contact the educators later. 

9) Will there be a chance to practice and test this out? Yes, I will let you know the time and links before the Jam. 

10) Where do I register?


Other questions? Just reply to this email or call us 770-972-4332.