October 12, 2022 1 min read 0 Comments

This is a puzzling type screw unless you know the secret. It appears like a thumb nut screw in many cases but it doesn’t adjust and disassemble like a normal thumb nut screw. The trick to recognize this type of screw is to turn it over to the back. The back side will look like a normal split screw. 

 On this style of shears the decorative cap will screw off. Other similar ones will simply pop off. On these, you may need to use a knife or thin screwdriver to wedge under the cap to pop it off. Underneath you will see s simple regular style screw which can be easily adjusted or removed with a screwdriver. Set the correct adjustment then reassemble the decorative screw cap. 

There is a video on Youtube which will show how to disassemble and reassemble this shear as well as the Bonika Peacock shear. https://youtu.be/VlFoaOjI2u8