Zombie Shear Sharpening Video

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Do your customers give you shears that you can't sharpen? Do they expect you to make their shears cut when they should be buried? Here is your answer DVD... Zombie Shear Sharpening... How to Make Dead Shears Cut Again!

Dennis Brooks, shear sharpener from Sharp Edges teaches in front of a live audience of experienced shear sharpeners tips he has learned to make shears work. As you watch this shear sharpening DVDD you will feel like you are part of the audience of shear sharpeners with this impressive power point presentation including questions and answers from shear sharpeners like you. 50 minute DVD with tips on how to sharpen and repair shears.

Includes shear sharpening tips on

  • Jaguar, 
  • Kasho, 
  • low quality two-piece scissors, 
  • Centrix 
  • Vortex, 
  • Sam Villa Shears, 
  • Jowell Classic, pink and K blade, 
  • Zyrca Shears, 
  • Bonika Tribal screw, 
  • Mitzutani spring hopper, 
  • Tondeo Emotion, 
  • convex Curve Shears 
  • Tara XP and 
  • similar serrated edge high quality shears. 

This was filmed and produced by Bonika Shears and was shot live at the Sharpeners Jam in Atlanta, GA. Great DVD. Even the most experienced shear sharpener will learn something from this DVD.