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Tip Tweaker - Shear Handle Bender

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Great shear handle bender. Repair shears when the tips overlap and cross or don't meet with the tip tweaker. Place the handle of the shears between the pegs and gently squeeze with light even pressure to realign the tips. Gentle! Or the handle may pop. Recommended only on shears that are forged rather than cast and shears that you can afford the risk.


Just to let you know that the above order-(Shear handle bendle) arrived yesterday morning 4th February by courier.The parcel was delivered to the Jamaica NY address before Christmas-no problem. The delay-which was expected- was occasioned by the long December/January holiday break taken by South Africans. I had 3 hair salon scissors waiting for the tool, so it was put to immediate use & worked very well. No breakages. Also wanted to thank you for the unexpected gift of 2 pandemic face masks-really nice. Thank you. Best regards. Patrick

Watch this video to see how to use this tool.