Bonika Shears

Swivel Thumb Parts


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Replace the parts on swivel thumbs. These are the parts for the Bonika Rocker but it will repair or replace the swivel on other brands of shears. Buy the full set or individual parts.

  1. SwivelScrew1 - length16mm, 3mm diameter
  2. SwivelScrew2 - length 7 mm, 2 mm diameter (priced as each, two needed in each ring set)
  3. WWD4 - Donut washer to fit at top. Outer diameter 6mm. Stretches to fit. 
  4. WWD3 - Donut washer on either side. Outer diameter 5 mm. (priced as each, two needed in each ring set)
  5. SwivelRingC - "C" shape section, 31 mm wide
  6. SwivelRingO - "O" ring Slightly oval 23 1/2mm X 26 1/2 mm 
Full set consists of all the parts above with additional SS3 and SwivelScrew2. See photo