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Scimech Jr

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The Scimech Jr is a smaller sharpening machine for Japanese style shears and other shears, scissors and knives. 


USA Made
Clamp for convex or bevel edge sharpening
Can sharpen both right handed and left handed shears up to 12" length.
DC Variable Speed Motor with 0 - 2800 RPM
Maximum 4 amps needed to run it. 
Very smooth 6" magnetic head - uses same plates and abrasives as the Scimech HD as well as the Curve Adaptor

8 lbs and 8X8X8 inch size

Note: Call for the international voltage. $150.00 more. 

If out of stock, email or call to be on the short waitlist. We are constantly making these but they sell fast.

We recommend the Scimech Jr for the following purposes:

Sharpening for the private salon, barber shop or groomer. (With average shear sharpening costs currently $30/pair, this machine will pay for itself after 50 shears are sharpened.)

Back-up sharpening equipment for other equipment, or a lightweight small machine for mobile and show sharpening.

Start-up shear sharpening business on a budget. 

The Scimech Jr includes the following items: